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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Strange beauty of life!!!

Dear friends,
                      Am all set to start my new most imagined blog! hope i will be able to express my views and share thoughts with you in this regard,let me start with life topic first.

                      Well, everyone of us have a very different approach and predictions about life. At last what all matters is the unquestioned surprises of life, which are not to be questioned but just to be gone through them. 'Mystery' that's what I name the life as!. ....................May be you can relate at some point of view to your life as well!!

                   I live my life to the fullest. I experience joy and fulfillment with every breath. I live each moment as if it were my last. When it comes to life, I take it to the limit!
I love myself unconditionally and treat myself with dignity and respect. As a result I am able to treat others with love, dignity, and respect. I have a value system and a code of honor that I live by. I have my own personal mission statement. I don't just talk my talk, I walk my walk. I am proud of myself every day. I know that I am a precious child of God and I treat myself with the care and nurturing of a precious child. I allow myself to make mistakes and be imperfect. And I love myself for my imperfections.

               These are my goals. These are my dreams. This is the Code that I live by. Do I live this way every day? No. Do I expect others to live this way? No. Am I closer to this ideal today than I was a year ago? Yes! I believe in progress rather than perfection. I believe that living life is like climbing a mountain. There is no elevator to the top. I reach the summit one step at a time. And at each plateau I get a different view, a different perspective of the landscape, and each day I am closer to my goals, and my dreams.
Some days on my mountain climb it feels like I'm strolling through a grassy meadow with a mild summer breeze blowing through my hair. Other days it feels like I'm climbing a sheer cliff wall and I wonder if I can even take another step. I'm afraid I'll fall and sometimes I feel like just letting go. But I don't. I don't ever give up. No matter what! I've watched too many people give up on their dreams. Give up on their goals. And I will NOT be one of them. I will get to the top!

               Today I am accountable to three people: me, myself, and I. Today I am responsible for my own thoughts, feelings, and actions. I no longer blame others for the situations I'm in. I see that it is much easier to point a finger at someone else rather than look at the three fingers pointing back at me.
I won't make excuses. I won't use the "yeah but," I won't whine and cry when things don't go my way. I know that there's a purpose for everything and even though I don't see it immediately, it doesn't mean the purpose isn't there. Just because the clouds hide the sun does not mean the sun isn't there.
So I say yes. Yes to taking risks and living outside the box. Yes to treating people the way I'd like to be treated. Yes to dreaming big dreams. And yes to taking life to the limit! Let me start with great potential!



  1. As per my experience life is uncertain..
    ur rite on that part..
    But take the risk only when u left with no other options..

  2. I always knew that you have this potential.So all the best for your venture..but you made mistakes after third and fifth paragraph,I hope you will correct it soon

  3. U r absolutely right di. keep it up. I'm astonished 2 c dis. Even i too want 2 b accontable 4 those 3 persons :- me myself and I

  4. thank u all:-) am moved by ur comments!!!

  5. ur view is very gud u can become gud writer in future all the best my dear for ur future:

  6. nice .... nice usage f heavy words its cool...

  7. Nice ashi... !!!
    Accountable to 3 people me,myself ad i : really u r right on tht part...

    Keep it up... Hope u will continue the same.. Dnt stop writting...!!!